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Global Enterprise R&D Collaboration Program

Connecting foreign multinational corporations (MNCs) and innovative Israeli companies.

Goal of the incentive program:
To enable small and medium Israeli companies to establish relationships with MNCs and take part in their technological and marketing activities. Encourages networking and strategic cooperation between the two sides.

Who is the incentive program for?

  • Israeli technology companies, especially startups and young and innovative companies, engaged in R&D and interested in paving their way to new markets and business channels in Israel and abroad.
  • Multinational corporations from all sectors and countries with annual revenues of over USD 2 billion, with significant investment in R&D and with worldwide presence, that are interested in identifying relevant Israeli companies and working with them on joint R&D projects.

What do you get?

  • Israeli companies receive a conditional grant of 20%-50% of the development budget approved by the Research Committee of the Authority.
  • Israeli companies receive assistance and support from the MNC in the form of consulting, services and resources.
  • Israeli companies may keep their intellectual property (IP) or share the ownership of it with the MNC, or provide the MNC with a non-exclusive license to use the new knowledge through an agreement between the project partners.
  • The MNC receives services such as scouting for possible partners and IP rights in the new projects (see above). In addition, the MNC is informed of the due diligence results of the Israeli partner companies.

Incentive program conditions:

  • Company must finance 50% to 80% of the R&D budget/
  • The agreement signed between the parties to regulate the rights to the intellectual property will be subject to the R&D Law and the terms of the incentive program.
  • Please carefully read the complete list of conditions, which specify the rights and obligations of the applying companies, as detailed on the Authority’s website.

How to apply?

  1. Fill out the online application forms available on the website, according to the company size, the required budget and the instructions set out therein.
  2. In addition to the submission of the online application, a declaration and authorization form should be printed out, signed and sent by mail.
  3. MNCs that are conducting projects with Israeli companies under this framework should fill out a Statement of Assistance.

For additional information, please contact:
International Collaboration Division

Further information on the Israel Innovation Authority website: Global Enterprise Collaboration Program 


Bi-national Funds

The Israel Innovation Authority operates bi-national funds along with its counterparts in foreign countries, in accordance with the agreements signed between the Israeli government and the governments of the respective partner countries. 

Each country allocates dedicated funds to finance joint R&D projects between Israeli and foreign companies.

There are currently four bi-national funds:
BIRD – Israel-United States
CIIRDF – Israel-Canada
SIIRD – Israel-Singapore
KORIL – Israel-Korea

Goal of the incentive program:
To increase the competitiveness and relative advantage of Israeli companies in the global market, by encouraging cooperation between them and foreign companies, in addition to promotion and development of new and complementary technologies, and reduction of financial and technological risk exposure.

Who is the incentive program for?

  • Technology companies from all industrial sectors that seek to develop or upgrade innovative products or processes with an international partner.
  • Technology companies and start-ups seeking to create strategic alliances and joint ventures with suitable companies abroad, in order to expand their operations, find additional sources for R&D funding, break into new markets and benefit from the knowledge and technology available abroad.

What do you get?

  • Assistance in finding a partner.
  • Financial assistance of up to 50% of the approved budget for a R&D project.
  • One-stop-shop for ongoing support throughout the life of a collaboration project, from proposal preparation and submission, until end of final technological and fiscal reviews.

Incentive program conditions:
The support is provided in accordance with the procedures of various funds, including the following:

  • The product, service or process developed within the framework of cooperation must be innovative, made for civilian purposes, intended for commercialization, and have benefit for both economies – Israeli and the foreign country.
  • The partner companies must have the resources and R&D capabilities required to implement and complete the project, as well as the funds available to finance their proportionate share of the project.
  • Research institutes and academic entities are allowed to participate as subcontractors, but not as primary partners (except the SIIRD fund, where the Singaporean primary partner can be a research entity).
  • The partner companies must demonstrate that the intended cooperation is necessary for development of value-added technology, by sharing resources, infrastructures, commercial relationships, strategic innovation of proprietary technologies to new markets and more.
  • The partner companies are required to sign agreements in order to: 1) determine the rights to the intellectual property which will be jointly-developed during the project 2) the commercialization of the said project outcome.

Detailed information regarding the respective funds, including partner search, instructions for application preparation and submission, as well as ongoing project procedures and regulations, is to be found on each respective fund website: