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Tnufa Incentive Program

The Tnufa incentive program is designed for fledgling entrepreneurs who are interested in formulating and validating an innovative technological concept and in reaching the R&D stage, where they can raise funding for further development and commercialization.

Goal of the incentive program:

Support entrepreneurs in proof of concept and business feasibility of the project.

Who is the incentive program for?

  • A private entrepreneur or consortium of entrepreneurs
  • New Israeli startup companies

What do you get?

  • The conditional grant provided as part of the Tnufa incentive program is up to 85% of the approved budget, with a maximum grant of NIS 200,000 for a period of up to two years: NIS 100,000 awarded each year.
  • The grant funds are used for building an initial prototype, intellectual property protection and initial business development, including materials, perishable components, contractors, technical and marketing advisors, patent attorneys and exhibition expenses (not intended for salaries and overhead expenses).

Why should you apply for this incentive program?

Favorable conditions for entrepreneurs: The entrepreneurs are not obliged to leave their place of work or establish a company as a condition for receiving support as part of the Tnufa incentive program. The entrepreneur is not required to give up his rights to the project.

Quality mark support: The support of the Tnufa incentive program allows entrepreneurs to test the feasibility of their projects, as it reflects a professional and objective vote of confidence in their potential. This can help entrepreneurs raise additional capital following the initial funding.

Follow-on funding by the Authority: Following the completion of the support period in the Tnufa incentive program, the project may receive support from one of the additional incentive programs offered by the Authority.



Pilot: Innovation Visas Program for Foreign Entrepreneurs

The innovation visa will enable foreign entrepreneurs from around the world to develop and formulate their technological initiatives in Israel. During their time in Israel, the foreign entrepreneurs will be hosted in one of the 12 selected Landing Pads for Foreign Entrepreneurs. These will offer exposure to Israel’s innovation ecosystem, a work space, technologic infrastructure, as well as business and logistic support.

This program will, for the first time, enable foreign entrepreneurs to receive a work visa in order to establish a project in Israel. As part of the innovation visa program, entrepreneurs will be able to stay in Israel for a period of up to 24 months, during which they will receive support under the Innovation Authority’s ‘Tnufa’ Program. Should the project subsequently mature into a company, the foreign entrepreneur will be able to file a request for support from the Authority. After receiving approval, the entrepreneur may then receive an ‘expert visa’ to work on the project as an employee for a period of up to 5 years.

For further details: Tnufa Incentive Program

Technological Innovation Labs Program

The Technological Innovation Labs Program is aimed at assisting entrepreneurs at the beginning of a project, and who need access to unique infrastructures and expertise in order to prove the feasibility of a technological idea. The assistance is provided via innovation labs operated by the industry’s leading corporations.

Goal of the incentive program

The program aims to provide entrepreneurs with access to unique technological infrastructure, market information, and otherwise inaccessible unique avenues of marketing and expertise, in order to prove the feasibility of transforming their technological idea into a commercial product. In addition, the program aims to strengthen and advance the Israeli economy in general and the technology sector in particular, by allowing Israeli companies operating a lab exposure to innovation, and for foreign companies to benefit from assistance in cultivating reciprocal relations with Israel’s unique innovation ecosystem and to establish a presence in Israel.

Who is the incentive program for?

  • Commercial companies interested in establishing innovation labs.
  • Entrepreneurs with a technological idea in the labs’ fields of specialty, who are interested in proving feasibility and crystallizing their idea into a business product.

What do you get?

Industrial companies:

  • A broad platform for company use: The lab will facilitate collaborations with other companies in the industry and in academia.
  • A low-cost innovation lab: The Authority will fund 33% of the costs to establish the necessary technological infrastructure (50% in the periphery areas), up to a maximum of NIS 4 million, and will also fund 50% of the ongoing operating expenditures of the lab each year up to to a maximum of NIS 500,000.

Startup companies:

  • An attractive grant: A grant of 85% of the approved budget up to a maximum total budget of NIS 1 million for a period of up to a year.
  • A comprehensive support system: The support system includes unique technological infrastructures, assistance in assessing business feasibility, in conducting a pilot and in preparing for marketing, exposure to knowledge, expertise and contacts with investors, connection with partners and clients of the industrial corporation running the lab. It will also enable synergy with other similar companies operating in the lab.

Why should you apply for this program?

Attractive conditions: The entrepreneur is not required to establish a company before his project is approved by the Innovation Authority. The lab provides the entrepreneurs with the technological infrastructure necessary for proving feasibility.

Opportunity for industrial corporations: Exposure to the Israeli innovation ecosystem as a source of growth and as a foundation for building the company’s future strategy. The corporations are not required to invest funds in the initiatives.

For further details: Technological Innovation Labs Program