Once the company has selected the program best suited to its needs, it should prepare the relevant application forms, which are periodically updated and cover all aspects of the program. Companies should submit their application for support in R&D using only the relevant forms, in line with the given instructions.

1. Receiving applications and appointing the Head of Sector
At this stage, the Application Submission Department at the Innovation Authority will receive all submitted applications and assign them to the appropriate Head of Sector.
Responsible party: Application Submission Department

2. Appointment of a professional evaluator
The Head of Sector recommends the appointment of a professional evaluator, appropriate for the submitted application, and checks his availability. The company then receives a letter from the Authority indicating the name of the professional evaluator.
Responsible party: Head of Sector

3. Application evaluation and submission of review
The application evaluation is carried out by the Head of Sector and the professional evaluator. The process includes a review of the original application materials, meeting the company representatives for clarification, getting updates and supplementary information from the company (if necessary), and finally the preparation of a structured review by the evaluator and its transfer to the Head of Sector.
Responsible party: Professional evaluator

4. Financial inspection (optional)
In parallel to the professional evaluation, sometimes a financial inspection of the company takes place. This inspection is carried out when the company is submitting an application for the first time. In this case the company also undergoes a guidance process regarding how to report and track work hours. An accountant of the Authority will contact the company within a few days.
As for the companies that have already submitted applications in the past, such inspection is carried out only if necessary. The financial inspection is conducted by an accountant of the Authority, and its purpose is to make sure that the company is governed by state laws and regulations and to check its financial status.
Responsible party: Application Submission Department

5. Examination of the review and recommendation
During this stage the Head of Sector examines the review transferred to him by the professional evaluator and adds his opinion as well. When finished, the Head of Sector sends the finalized review to the Research Committee coordinator in the relevant division.
Responsible party: Head of Sector

6. Comments and recommendations for the review by the internal parties
During this stage, additional parties in the Authority (legal advisor, compensation fund, etc.) examine the company and its application and add their opinion for the hearing of the Research Committee. The Research Committee coordinator sets the date on which the Committee will discuss the application.
Responsible party: Research Committee coordinator in the relevant division

7. Discussion and decision on approval or rejection of the application
During this stage the application (the case) is discussed by the Research Committee of the relevant division. The application and its review are presented before the Committee by the Head of Sector and the professional evaluator. The Committee decides whether to approve funding, as well as the scope of the approved R&D budget support, the percentage of the funding and the additional conditions in accordance with the incentive program and subject of the application.
Responsible party: Head of the Division to which the incentive program belongs

8. Notification to the company of the Committee's decision
After signing of the protocol of the Research Committee hearing, a notification is sent to the company, detailing the Committee's decision in the case.
Responsible party: Research Committee coordinator in the relevant division

9. Preparation of documents for the initiation of the project
During this stage the Authority prepares the documents required for the activation of the project and sends them to company.
Responsible party: Research Committee coordinator in the relevant division

10. Signing of documents and compliance with the terms and conditions
The company signs the documents; this signature is crucial to enable the activation of the case and allow the transfer of funds to the company in accordance with the Committee's decision.
Responsible party: The applicant company

11. Signing of the Letter of Approval
During this stage, the final approval to activate the case is carried out by the Authority.
Responsible party: Chief Operating Officer of the Authority

12. Payment of an advance according to the periodic report
If the Committee's decision includes the provision of an advance in the case – this is the stage when the down payment is transferred to the company. Henceforth the company should conduct ongoing activities of expense reports, payments from the Authority to the company, etc.
Responsible party: Finance department and accountant


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